Former Apple CEO John Sculley Has a Message to Entrepreneurs “Don’t Be Afraid to Fail”

John Sculley Former CEO of Apple Inc. and PepsiCo was a close confidant to Steve Jobs. In an interview with, Nicole Sawyer, Sculley reveals how they were close friends but all that changed after the Macintosh failed. When the Mac failed an epic battle broke out between the two young executives and Apple’s board of directors sided with John Sculley forcing Jobs to step down from the Macintosh division and go on sabbatical in 1985. More than 3-decades later, Sculley opens up in an interview with Nicole Sawyer about how Steve Jobs never forgave him.

Today, Sculley is an investor in several high-tech startups. He talks about his passion to guide future entrepreneurs and says sometimes; great entrepreneurs must fail their way to success.

In this interview with, Nicole Sawyer, he reveals what he looks for when investing in the next great company, gives advice to entrepreneurs on how to think like a CEO and build a billion-dollar brand.

One of his company’s he believes is most promising is RxAdvance where he serves as the Chairman and CMO. It’s a startup that focuses on innovating the $3 trillion healthcare industry.

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